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Monday, November 13, 2006

Pre Microteaching Entry

D-day for my microteaching has finally arrived. I'll be covering the topic on "Reading and Interpreting Photographs". I was initially scheduled to be covering the topic on Plate Tectonics. However, upon further pondering, I decided to change the topic that I was supposed to teach.

The reason why I decided to switch topics at the last minute (literally last minute!) was largely due to the fact that I really wanted to try my hand at teaching this topic. During my ESE, I was given the exact same topic to cover for one of my geography lessons. However, I remembered that I bluffed my way through as I taught this topic. I had come to class armed with only the pictures and questions in the textbook to be covered. I was supposed to teach another topic for that particular lesson but there were some last minute re-shuffle on the day itself and as a result, I had to teach (unprepared) photograph interpretation instead.

I remembered walking away from the class feeling utterly guilty and disatisfied with myself. I also felt that I was being unfair to them. They'd come to class trusting (i hope!) that they were in good hands but instead, had walked away unaware (i do hope they were unaware!) that their teacher had just bluffed her way through.

As such, I am taking the opportunity given to me during this microteaching session to adequately prepare myself for this topic. During my preparation, I was brought to awareness of the various knowledge involved in teaching photograph interpretation. The importance of organizing the photographs into decipherable sections before reading and interpreting them and thereafter, drawing geographical conclusions based on the picture as well as our prior knowledge in geography were some things that were raised to my consciousness.

I'm not saying that I have no knowledge of these prior to preparing for the lesson. I do. It's just that having done photograph interpretation for years, the steps involved in doing this has become ingrained in my mind. I can perform these tasks automatically without being aware that I was indeed going through the steps. Sometimes, I even skip the part where I had to section the photograph into three (foreground, middle ground, background) and zoom immediately into the pertinent details of the photograph and start drawing my geographical conclusions. In preparing for the lesson however, I was forced to slow down and bring myself to my students' level. I had to constantly stop and ask myself whether I would know what I was talking about if I were the student listening to me.

Other than that, I also encountered problems in finding photographs which I could use for free. Most of the photographs I found on the Internet were bounded by copyright laws. It did get frustrating after some time to keep encountering this stumbling block and I did consider just taking the photographs regardless of the copyright issue. However, I decided against it after I found a cool site which allowed users to use its photographs for free.

Okay, that said, I'm looking forward to my microteaching session later on. I was initially appehensive and quite worried of it. I'd even wished that I had signed up for the microteaching sessions under Mr Yee instead of Kenneth as then, the focus would just be on teaching approaches and not classroom management! However, after being part of a few microteaching sessions, I realized that these sessions would be useful to me afterall. I do need the practice in classroom management that this microteaching session could give me. Based on my ESE, I realized that I might have a problem in this area. I tend to be slow to react to problems in the classroom and worst, am too relaxed in my reaction to them. I really do not know why I don't feel any sense of urgency whenever i encounter any problems in the classroom (actually, this extends to other aspects of my life as well) but the fact that I'm too calm when I experience them worries me.

So, I will try to summon a sense of urgency and not remain to calm during my microteaching session later on. Er, that's such a weird thing to be concerned over as a teacher but yes, I am concerned over being too calm when thrown supposedly-to-make-one-panic situations.

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